Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Kids Are My Life!!!!

I know this has nothing to do with Scrapbook making but my heart is dying and I need to vent. for the past 4 years I was struggling a custody Battle when I took my ex back for back child support, he then turned it into a custody case and said I have been denying him visitation for the past 9 years(which was a Lie!!) I have never denied him he was either working or didnt have the money. Well the past 4 years has been very rough ,my oldest daughter was influenced by them and ended up moving in with them cause she didnt get to do the things alot of teenagers could(I was very over protective) she decided to call him and tell him I had been abusing her... I would never abuse any of my kids. then she went over to his house and resided over there for the past 10 months I have not been able to see or talk to my daughter unless they were right there...Our other daughter stayed with me my husband and 2 other children. well for the past 2 months My ex has been in and out of the hospital he had died 5 times in ICU last month and we were never notified. then I had got an IM last Wednesday(May6th) morning at 7 am telling me to call this person and this is when we were informed he died that morning my youngest daughter wasnt even called. and his family was told not to contact me atleast call her she deserved the right to know..I had to go to her school to break it to her, she was so excited about going to see him this coming up weekend....she is a strong little girl she has went thru a very bad ordeal..not to mention at the funeral she wanted her momma to go in with her and be there with her but I was told because I wasnt going in there by the stepmom's brother cause I am Not family in front of everyone that was standing out waiting so my little girl had to go in by herself to see her dad laying in the coffin.I finally was allowed to go in after when friends were allowed to go in but the hurt my daughters have indured it just really ripped my heart out as it did Haley's....

Still my oldest daughter will not talk to me cause I think she has been coached or brainwashed...she doesnt even want to come home. she was my best friend and my baby girl.. well I had given her father custody back on Feb 3,2009 cause this is what she was wanting and I was tired of being so hurt not being able to hold her nor to be able to tell her I love her. I want her to come home... the cops cant do anything cause it is a civil matter I have to go back to court. I dont have the money to fight or hire a lawyer thats the sad thing cause my husband dropped over 10,000 thruout the last court battle and they didnt do anything all I ever wanted was my babies safe...and now I dont know what to think anymore or what to do...just know I love my children with all that I have and then some but I feel I am losing her all over again...sorry I just needed to vent cause this is really ripping my heart out these girls need to be together , they need each other now more then ever

these are my babies Bree and Haley I love you both very much and I pray for the day that we are reunited we all need each other. I would never wish this on anybody
thanks for listening


If you would like to help me out...please feel free to donate...all proceeds will go towards retaining a lawyer.

Bree , Me & Haley

I Hate it ...that I cant take it back...they deserve happiness

Haley and Bree My Angels