Saturday, October 1, 2011

Everybody Hurts

I made this kit last week and finally am getting it in the stores

This beautiful kit was inspired to me by a good friend of mine Krissy Scraps, whom knows I have been going thru a lot with my oldest daughter moving out again. It shows not only is it me going thru a lot but EveryBody Hurts. this kit is personal ,s4h,s4o friendly and is full size

it includes

2 Binder Clips

3 Flowers

2 Bows

2 butterflies

1 sad teddy

2 skulls

4 ribbons

2 emo bunnies

1 broken heart with skull

1 emo boot

1 emo cupcake

1 heart with wings

1 doodle with rose

1 rose with ribbons

1 set of wings

2 emo dolls

2 razor blades

1 light post

4 Frames

1 MediGothick5 © MediEvil Creations

thanks for looking in stores now :)