Monday, January 17, 2011

I am Back!!!

Where do I start? I have been gone for about 2 years now, not intentional.. but here is what has been going on with most of you know I had lost my daughter , then her father passed away.. then we lost our home, lived in a 18ft camper trailer for a bit lived with some family for 9 months before we got us another place...
Well I got my daughter back6 months after her father passed away..the stepmother called up and said she belongs to you... I was estatic!!! best thing in almost 2 years. Here is a pic of me and Bree on Halloween 2010
 now since I got her back it still has been a bit rough with life...found out this past May that my husband has a severe liver infection ..dont have insurance so that sucks... then also I has  another ectopic pregnancy and lost twins:(   but you know having all of us together again we are complete. we take things day by day some rough , some good.

but to make a long story short...I have missed all my fellow designers, and my dearest friends
I have finally got some time during the day to start creating again ..and I hope to have some new things out soon... I just wanted to let you all know I am back
many hugs to all of you


Voodoo said...

am very glad you are back enjoying your designing and tags etc. Life has a way of throwing things in our path but be strong and all will come around in the end hun. Missed you tons

Shellez Creations said...

awwwwwe thanks Hunnie...I just hope to get some new things out soon..its been awhile and I have forgot some things but am learning all over.